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A Fat Chorizo for Bunnie


Bunnie’s parents are hosting a foreign exchange student at their house, and lucky for her, he has a big, fat chorizo. He doesn’t speak any English, but their body language does all the talking. He laps up Bunnie’s pussy, getting it nice and wet for his thick cock. She wraps her lips around his thick pole, getting it nice and hard for her tight twat. It’s so fat she can barely fit it in her mouth. She can barely fit it in her pussy, but there’s nothing she loves more than a good stretch.

Once he’s squeezed into her slit, Bunnie has fun bouncing up and down on his dick, her tiny tits pointing straight up into the air. She puts in the work, grinding and bouncing her hips, fucking him as much as he fucks her. She cums on his cock. He cums on her face. There’s no need to talk when you speak the international language of sex.