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A Hard Sell


Ivy is selling cookies to make money for her trip. She’s down to her last box, but this dude isn’t convinced he wants her cookies. Ivy knows that the only way to deal with a hard sell is with a hard fuck. He may not want her chocolate cookies, but he’s more than willing to sample the pink, creamy cookie between her legs. She primes his cock with her mouth, bobbing her head up and down and gobbling it like it’s like the last piece of meat on earth.

This lucky fucker slides his cock in Ivy’s pussy, teasing her hole by only giving her the tip, making her wait for the whole shaft. We see just how creamy her cookie gets as her girl-goo coats his cock. Once he’s in balls deep, Ivy is in heaven. He pounds, she pants. Her cum is smeared all over her pussy mound. After their heated fuckfest, Ivy has worked up an appetite. Good thing he has a big load for her to swallow.